UTA Reservation Policy

On-base quarters will be fully utilized before you are lodged in commercial contract lodging. Government quarters are only authorized for persons residing outside of a 50 mile radius of Westover ARB. The unit commander and the Lodging Manager can validate other authorizations based on mission necessity. Individuals are responsible for making and canceling reservations using the Automated Lodging Reservation System (ALRS). The lodging office operates the ALRS reservation system for UTAs and make-up UTAs. Personnel with reservations are given first come, first serve room assignments. Commercial contract lodging will only be used when all on-base quarters have been assigned. You should make all UTA, AFTP, and man-day lodging reservations using the ALRS reservation system. Direct telephone number to ALRS: (413) 557-2850 or toll free (800) 367-1110 ext. 557-2850.



The Flyers Inn has recently upgraded the Automated Lodging Reservation System that handles all UTA reservations! As such, all users will be given a new Identification Number during their next call to ALRS (PIN Numbers will remain the same). Please remember there is a deadline for making UTA reservations per AWI 34-601; all UTA reservations are to be made no later than midnight on the Wednesday prior to the UTA. Please contact The Flyers Inn @ 557-2700 if you have any questions regarding the new reservation process."

Call: (800)367-1110, ext. 2850 or 2851 or dial direct to (413)557-2850 or (413)557-285113)557-2851
Enter full ALRS provided Identification Number/Enter PIN # (First time users: PIN # will be the last 4 of Identification Number: you will be prompted to change immediately).
Enter dates only as MM/DD/YY.
Choose one of the following:
Option 1 (ADT-Self Pay)
Option 2 (IDT-Unit Pays)
Option 3 (Multiple Status)
A valid Credit Card # must be provided for Options 1 and 3. Please contact The Flyers Inn for any problems in making reservations."

Make, change, confirm, and cancel all UTA reservations by using ALRS. The location and name of the hotel are provided at the time the reservation is made. Report any problems with ALRS to the front desk at 413-557-2700.