Home Community Care

Frequently asked questions

What is the Home Community Care Program?
The Home Community Care (HCC) Program provides quality child care services for children ages 4 weeks to 12 years.  It is available for ANG/AFR parents during their UTA weekends.  Care is provided in state licensed Family Child Care (FCC) homes. 

What is Family Child Care (FCC)?
Child care provided in the home of an individual rather than in a child care center is considered family child care. 

Who will provide the child care?
All HCC program providers are registered or certified to meet state or local regulations .  In addition, they are carefully screened and  trained to provide child care to ANG/AFR families.  Air Force Child and Youth specialists, in cooperation with the state or local resource and referral (CCR&R) agency, identified, recruited and contracted providers near the installation site. At least one unannounced visit is conducted each year by an AF Child and Youth specialist. This is in addition to visits conducted by state licensing agencies providers are limited to caring for no more than six children under the age of twelve. Some of the provider’s own children may count in the ratio (age requirements vary by state).

Who is eligible to use the program?
ANG/AFR dual military parents, single military parents and military parents married to a civilian working spouse are eligible to use the program.  At least one ANG/AFR parent must report for training during the time care is being used.  In dual parent families, the non ANG/AFR parent must also be working.  If another parent is available, the HCC program may not be used. This program is available for primary UTA weekends,. Care during SUTA’s and two-week annual duty may be available with prior approval from ANG/AFR Specialist.

What  are the costs of the HCC program?
There is no cost to the ANG/AFR parent for child care provided in this program. 

What is my child’s HCC provider becomes ill or has an emergency?
Parents are required to have back-up child care arrangements in the event of provider or family illness, emergencies, or unpaid vacation leave.  Parents are responsible for paying for the back-up care.

How may I participate in the HCC program?
For information about the HCC provider at your installation, contact your Services Director (AFR) or the Services Technician (ANG). Call the provider to make an appointment for a home visit.  The provider will have registration forms for you to complete.  Parents will also be required to provide current shot records for each child. Speak with your provider concerning making           reservations for your UTA weekend.

Additional information for parents about the HCC program:
Providers participate in the USDA Food program, and will offer breakfast, lunch and snacks. 
Parents must provide all necessary items such as diapers, wipes, formula/breast milk, extra clothes etc. 
Be prepared to provide emergency contact information. Care is available during duty hours only; no overnight care is provided

What is the Air Force Home Community Care (HCC) Program?
The HCC program is one of several Air Force Expanded Child Care (ECC) programs through Family Child Care (FCC).  It provides in-home child care services to Air National Guard (ANG) and Air Force Reserve (AFR) members during their scheduled UTA (drill) weekends.  Care may also be provided during Rescheduled Unit Training Assembly (RUTA), Split Unit Training Assembly (SUTA), and annual two-week training (AT) if the provider is available and space and funding permit.  The care is provided during drill hours only.  A typical workday may begin as early as 6:00 am and generally ends by 6:00 pm.
What is the purpose of the HCC program?
The purpose of the program is to provide ANG/AFR members access to quality child care services that are similar to those that are available to military assigned to or living on a military installation.  The HCC program also helps to reduce out of pocket expenses for ANG/AFR service members by providing care at no cost. 

Who is eligible to become a HCC provider?
A state regulated FCC provider who has operated for at least 3 months and who meets the HCC Provider Requirements listed below is eligible to apply: 

  • The Provider is a licensed FCC provider who is in good standing with the State regulatory agency and has no history of documented complaints or a suspended or revoked certificate. 
  • The Provider has no arrests or convictions for crimes related to children, drugs or alcohol.
  • The Provider submits a completed Provider Application Form and required attachments.
    • A copy of the State regulatory registration or certification
    • A notarized copy of the State required background check reports for self and persons 16 years of age and older living in the home.  Background checks must have no negative findings and must come directly from the agency that conducts the checks. 

*NOTE: If state law prohibits the initiation of background checks on family members under the age of 16 or 18 living in the home, the provider must sign a notarized affidavit verifying that the child has not been convicted of any crime related to child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, or drugs. An affidavit will be provided .

    • A copy of the cover letter of a valid $300,000 personal liability insurance policy. 
    • A copy of current CPR and First Aid certification. 

Additional Requirements

  • The Provider must be willing to complete the following training requirements:
    • Complete 15 training modules beginning the first month of service.  These modules, Caring for Children in Family Child Care and AF child abuse prevention and reporting modules, are provided at no cost.  The modules must be completed within 18 months
    • Complete a minimum of 12 hours of training every 6 months for a total of 24 hours of training annually.  The training modules are credited with 4 training hours per module and may be applied to this requirement.  Once the 15 training modules are completed, the provider must continue to meet the training requirement of 12 hours per 6 months.  This training is accomplished at the provider’s own expense.   Stipends are available when the provider completes benchmark training requirements.
    • The provider agrees to maintain AF required child ratios – no more than six children under the age of 12 in care at one time.  The ratio requirement includes the provider’s own children under the age of 8 years.  No more than two children under the age of 24 months may be present for care at one time.  If the state ratio standards are more stringent, the provider must adhere to state requirements.
    • The provider agrees to participate in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), sponsored by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture.  If not currently enrolled in the CACFP the provider must apply immediately to participate in the program.
    • The provider agrees to a preliminary home visit prior to selection and to one visit each year.

How do I apply to become a provider?
FCC providers who are interested in becoming a HCC provider should complete the Provider Application form.  Providers should send the completed forms and attachments to:  HQ AFRC/A1SY, 550 Allentown Road - Bldg 763, Robins AFB, GA  31098-2252.

How are HCC providers selected?
AF staff will review and screen applications and a select number of homes will be visited.   One provider at each location will be selected to serve as the HCC provider at that site. 

What are the benefits to becoming a HCC Provider?

  • You are recognized as an established FCC provider with experience in providing high quality child care.
  • You will serve military families whose children benefit from the safe, healthy environment that you provide.
  • You will receive a guaranteed monthly payment for your services whether or not children are in care during those hours for which you are contracted.

If I am selected as a HCC provider, what will I do in case of illness or other emergency?
Providers will require ANG/AFR parents to have back-up child care arrangements in the event of provider or other family member illness, emergencies or unpaid vacation leave.  Parents will be required to pay for their own back-up care.  You will not receive the full monthly payment if you are unavailable to provide care during the month.
How long is the contract period?
The provider contracts are for a 6-month time period.  Subsequent 6-month contracts will be awarded at the mutual agreement of the provider and USAF.  The initial contract period may be for less than 6 months.

What is the payment rate for providing child care and when are providers paid?

USAF will contract with the provider for a specified number of hours (between 120 – 180 hours per month) at the rate of $4.00/hour.   The provider is guaranteed payment even if no children are present on the UTA weekend as long as she/he was available to provide the care.  The provider is paid once a month by direct deposit within 7 – 10 days after the end of the month.